2015 German Garden Book Award ‚The Best Reference Book ‚ for ‚Blackbox Gardening’ ( Ulmer Verlag) 

2015 DGD Book Award of the German Horticultural Society for the book ‚Black Box Gardening’ (Ulmer Verlag) 

2015 ‚Photographer of The Year’ Garden Media Guild Award in London

2014 German Garden Book Award ‚The Best Picture Book’‚ for the book ‚The Best of Jürgen Becker - Garden-Pictures’ ( Becker Joest Volk Verlag) 

The garden photographer Jürgen Becker is for the fourth successive time winner of a garden media guild award in London. This year he even gets 2 of the 3 international highly demanded photographic awards. 

Photographer of the Year 2012
Features Photographer of the Year 2012

Judges comments for the Photographic Awards:

Photographer of the Year
We unanimously selected the winner, Jürgen Becker, because all of his eight images have all the attributes of great garden photography – beautiful light, magnificent composition and a real appreciation of plants and planting. 

Features Photographer of the Year
We chose Jürgen as the winner because his series of photographs entitled 'Hortvs' took our breath away. Particularly the opening shot. We love the way all the leaves and flowers are back lit. We felt we can touch the morning through this photograph. His use of light and his composition bring life to the plants, shrubs and trees and gave the sense that one could almost step into the garden and walk down one of the pathways. 

Jürgen Becker is „Features Photographer of the Year 2011“

The international successfull garden photographer Jürgen Becker has won the Garden Media Guild award in London fort he third time in succession. This time he receives the highly demanded award as ‚Features Photographer of the Year“ for his cover garden feature „A Dutch Tapestry“ with pictures of the Dutch garden of Madelien van Hasselt, published in the famous magazine Gardens Illustrated September 2011

Judges’ comments

The standard in this category was incredibly high, with several entries grabbing the attention of the judges. Many photographers use sunrise and sunset to their advantage (not a new technique, obviously), which makes for many breathtaking shots across the entire category. Gardens Illustrated entered a large body of work, all of which was beautiful, and should be commended for consistently supporting outstanding feature photography.

The winning entry stands head and shoulders above all others, and the decision to award Jurgen with this coveted accolade was totally unanimous. Every single picture was beautiful, but together all the images make for a breathtaking feature, with skilled and consistent interpretation of light. With a broad selection of wide and mid shots, along with superb plant portraits, the picture set had everything. What's more, the pictures make the viewer want to be transported to the garden instantly - they're simply lovely.

Winner of the Garden Media Guild Award 2010 

Jürgen Becker is again winner of the ‚Garden Media Guild Award’, this time as „Photographer of the Year 2010“. 
The judge’s comment: „The judges felt that Jürgen Becker’s collection of images consistently showed a great use of exposure, focus and composition. It was this combined use of focus and exposure, that put him above the competition.“

Winner of the Garden Media Guild Award 2009 

First ‚Garden Oscar’ for German Photographer. 
The jury of the Garden Media Guild, which confers the highly demanded ‚Garden Oscars’ every year in december in London, named Jürgen Becker as first German photographer‚Best Features Photographer of the Year 2009’ for his feature of the private garden of the famous garden designer Piet Oudolf ‚On a Cold and Frosty Morning’, published in ‚Gardens Illustrated’. 
The comment of the jury: „ It must have taken weeks of waiting to get the perfect frosty morning. Jürgen consistently demonstrates his outstanding technical use of light.“